Telecom services outsourcing

The idea of outsourcing (outside-resource-using) is to assign to an external company the task of performing certain activities that are traditionally carried out directly within the organizational structure of the business.

Fleet management covers:

  • Outsourcing – the organization’s personnel don’t need to be engaged in the telecom matters
  • A prompt assistance in resolving telecom issues
  • Simplified procedures, uncomplicated processes of:
    - replacement/purchase of devices
    - device servicing
    - selection of telecommunication services
    - activation of additional services (roaming)
  • The service continuity guarantee (BOTs are never ill, on holiday or change jobs). Reduced and transparent costs related to the telecommunication management for your business (optimization)
  • MDM, DEP, KNOX security


Basic services plan

The basic telecom services plan includes:

  • Telecom services and devices management
    ◦ Keeping databases of current contracts and the devices in use
    ◦ MPK updating
    ◦ Queries handling
    ◦ Delivering new phones, SIM cards and numbers
    ◦ Disactivating the unused contracts
  • Settlement of costs
    ◦ Settlement of invoices for telecom services, repairs and device purchases
    ◦ Monitoring of monthly SIM cards usage
  • An ongoing contact with network operators
    ◦ Resolving coverage issues
    ◦ Reporting technical issues and control over the resolution process
    ◦ Reporting new activations and terminating contracts where appropriate
    ◦ Complaint management, requesting duplicate SIM cards

Extended services plan

The extended telecom services plan includes:

  • Contact with network operators with regard to activation or deactivation of additional services, locking management and invoice complains
  • Help desk for employees
    ◦ Reporting any issues relating to telecom services and devices
  • Ordering and replacing the devices
  • Servicing
    ◦ Receiving queries and damage evaluation
    ◦ Repairs and returns of devices
    ◦ Replacement phones stock
  • MDM solutions management
  • Cloud solutions (VPBX)
  • PBX exchange servicing
  • Invoice compliance verification
  • Telecom costs optimization

* Do każdego klienta podchodzimy indywidualnie, jeśli mieliby Państwo jakiekolwiek pytania, zapraszamy do kontaktu.


The communication model

Direct contact between an employee and the Moll consultant

Communication by e-mail, reporting any issues to a dedicated e-mail address e.g. [client] to an assigned Moll consultant or by phone.

schemat komunikacji



Advantage areas Advantages
  •     Current reporting on the telecommunication services and devices (including purchase dates etc.).
  •     Ongoing overview of telecommunication resources (used/unused services).
  •     Improved effectiveness of the telecommunication services and devices. Identification of services that generate savings or additional costs. Identification of used and unused devices
    (to limit the purchases of unnecessary devices).
Human Resources
  •     Taking over the telecom administration from the company.
  •     Releasing the company’s personnel from the task of dealing with telecommunication issues.
  •     A long-term business partner, an unlimited access to the record of activities.
  •     Reduction in the monthly monitoring cost of SIM cards in use.
  •     Invoices verification to ensure compliance with contracts concluded with operators.
  •     New phones purchase control (a more effective use of devices).
  •     A low cost of cooperation as compared to an in-house employee costs.