Telecom costs optimization

Telecom costs optimization has become a complex process that is no longer focused on the reduction of your monthly phone charges. Today, to achieve appropriate quality, availability, reliability of services and competitive prices, telecom fleet management employees (or purchase department teams) have to anticipate situations that may occur in real time, any time.

It’s a complicated process that requires an ongoing in-depth analysis of the company’s needs and capabilities of telecom services’ providers. Only in this way can the company minimize the risk of excessive costs and charges.

Fortunately, these processes may be delegated to an outside expert through telecom outsourcing. The experience and expertise of our team of specialists allow us to guarantee that the tasks outsourced to Moll will be performed to the highest standards throughout the period of your company’s contract with the operator.


The optimization process step-by-step:

  • the analysis of existing solutions and costs,
  • analysis of the company’s needs,
  • creating an offer request to operators
  • offers collection and analysis,
  • negotiations with the operators,
  • reporting – presentation of the selected offers and expected savings,
  • client’s decision - on the preferred solution,
  • implementation of the selected solution:
    • verification of contracts in terms of compliance with the offers and implementation of the services;
    • verification of invoices and support in concluding new contracts.

How can you benefit from the telecom services optimization?

Optimizing your monthly ICT costs, you can actually achieve a 50% savings result.
Our clients often ask if the optimization will affect the quality of services or interfere with the operations of the company or technologies used.
We’re happy to ensure that the solutions we offer don’t affect the business of the companies we work with in any way. The optimization process itself isn’t time-consuming for the clients. It’s because Moll carries out all the necessary operational and analytical tasks.

However, although the entire procedure including the implementation of a selected optimization option is conducted by MOLL, it’s the client who takes all the decisions. We, on our part, guarantee the savings throughout the period of contract with a selected operator.

  • The optimization process lowers the monthly ICT spending by 50% on average.
  • The generated savings don’t affect the quality of services in any way and the process doesn’t interfere with the operations/technologies of the company.
  • More importantly, the procedure is not time-consuming for the client because all the operational and analytical activities are carried out by MOLL (the process, including the implementation of a selected optimization option is conducted by MOLL, but the client takes all the decisions).
  • Moreover, we guarantee the savings during the entire period of contract with the operator.

Benefits of the telecom costs optimization

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Our services are success fee-based which means that Moll’s fee is directly related to the introduced savings.
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In the budget of your company, money will be saved every month.
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We guarantee the best solutions and actual monthly benefits.