Telecom solutions

Effective telecommunication fleet management? The telecom solutions we offer enhance the operation of every company and cut the telecom services costs immediately. The solutions include:

  • telecom services outsourcing,
  • telecom costs optimization,
  • advisory,
  • artificial intelligence.

Some of the tasks within the company can be outsourced to external experts to save time and resources. Telecommunication services outsourcing will enable you to focus entirely on your core business.

Telecommunication costs optimization results in actual profits for the company. The solutions we offer reduce subscription charges but don’t impact the quality of received services.

MOLL renders telecom advisory services to help businesses select the services that are perfectly aligned to their needs and aims. We explore and compare technologies, mobile phones and recording systems available in the market as well as analyse telecom operators’ offerings.

MOLL offers AI-based solutions that enhance the operation of customer services departments. With the speech recognition technology, multiple calls handling and reporting, our systems raise the quality of services and increase business competitiveness in the market.

Use our services for improved telecom management.


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