Why use telecom outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a practice of using the resources of an external provider to perform the tasks exceeding a core activity of the business. With telecom services outsourcing, telecom products and services are aligned to actual needs and expectations of the client. How does it work?

Telecom outsourcing is an essential element of business operations.

Communication is key for any interaction within a structured community. Telecommunication enables remote communication and it’s difficult to imagine a company that could run its business without it. Businesses need and expect their telecommunication networks to be efficient, offer advanced solutions and leave the potential for savings.

At the same time, it’s convenient not to worry about the network operation or assign in-house employees to deal with it. Telecom outsourcing by MOLL covers that. What other advantages can you expect when signing an outsourcing contract with MOLL? Most importantly, you’ll have a package of services and a telecommunication system aligned to your current and future business needs and goals. Your internal and external telecommunication will be agile, while you maintain full control over the system, while your risks and costs are reduced. Additionally, with our outsourcing services, any and all issues relating to your contacts with the operator will be dealt with. We’ll also take over any servicing and repairs tasks as well as the exhausting process of device replacement.


What services are covered by telecom outsourcing?

MOLL services plans include:

  • the authorization to use the operators’ systems;
  • ordering and activation of new phone numbers, preparation of termination letters relating to obsolete phone numbers and services, ordering duplicate SIM cards;
  • keeping the database of devices, ordering new devices and distribution coordination as well as full servicing of the devices used for telecommunication and utilization of waste devices;
  • cloud solutions management, SIM cards management;
  • activating roaming and data packets as well as data packets monitoring;

and many other services that our representatives will be happy to discuss.


Why is it beneficial to use telecom outsourcing?

Prior to signing an outsourcing contract, we conduct the initial analysis of the cost efficiency of the telecommunication network used by the company. With this one activity, we can identify the most expensive solutions and find their replacements to generate savings. By delegating the tasks of ICT infrastructure services to an external partner, the company may focus on its core business, with no need for in-house employees dealing with any other areas. More importantly, the telecom services are taken over by qualified experts who constantly monitor the market for new and progressive solutions, compare prices and are able to advise on the solutions perfectly customized to your business profile.