What is innovative telecommunication?

Połączone sztuczne sieciInnovation involves a change or improvement. In the services market, innovation means creating a new product, using a better technology or a production method, and creating brand new things. Innovation is the process that is taking places across the industries, so it naturally also affects telecommunication - the branch of technics and science that deals with transmission of information over a distance using communication means.

Telecommunication is ever-evolving – from the very first phone patented by Alexander Bell in the 19th century, all the way through radio, TV, the first computer to the Internet. We learn about new smartphones models, fast networks, enhancements in connectivity with the entire world almost every day. All the services and solutions are changing so rapidly that it’s difficult to follow and select the ones that best match the company’s needs.

With the huge ever-growing diversity of prices and models and variety of parameters, selecting for example a smartphone may become quite a challenge. It’s where the telecommunication advisory is helpful. We conduct comparative analyses of available solutions in terms of technology and benchmark the capabilities and prices. We select the most advantageous offers of the telecommunication operators, mobile phones, digital exchanges as well as IP, cloud-based solutions and MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). Our analyses cover the solutions of SD – WAN and MPLS networks and techniques used by routers in which packets routing has been replaced by label switching.

Innovative solutions

The IVR (interactive voice response) systems that enable interactive handling of enquiries have brought great improvement in the call center industry. The caller, having heard the recorded messages, may use keypad tones to select a relevant option from the menu. Another popular solution is a BOT program. BOTs are fully automated and are algorithm-based. ‘BOT’ comes from the word ‘robot’. It’s an interactive system of voice responses that can, for instance, answer the questions about a product. BOT examples are: Siri delivered by Apple, GoogleBot by Google and Cortana by Microsoft.