How to optimize telecommunication costs?

The growing costs of services make companies more interested in spending optimization. To optimize best, it’s advisable to use the knowledge and experience of experts who have been dealing with such processes on a day-to-day basis. Telecommunication costs are particularly complex because the number of offers in the market is increasing and it’s simply difficult to identify the most advantageous options.

In some cases, a fixed-line telephone may still be important for the company’s image. In everyday operations, however, we definitely appreciate mobile devices more. The costs of telecommunication services companies incur are usually high, especially if they hire employees. That’s why, optimization seems a reasonable idea but involves more than just cutting the subscription charges to actually see the cost changes.

It all starts with a proper analysis

One of the most important elements on the way towards optimization is a meaningful analysis. To start with, we revise the current solutions in use and costs borne by the company. In this way, we can identify which areas require a special focus and reduction. It’s also recommended to look more closely into the company’s actual requirements and needs.

A product or service that fitted the company well three years or even six months ago may be insufficient or irrelevant today. What should we think about in the first place? Looking for the best offer, it’s helpful to create an offer request to individual operators. A standardized form of the request reflecting the findings of our analysis is a good solution. So, we let the operators know what we are expecting and explore which of the received offers fulfil our expectations best. The process of analysis and offer collection is crucial and very time-consuming. If an operator doesn’t respond right away, it may mean that’s the one working on the best offer for the company. It’s important however to set a deadline for submitting the offers, just to avoid unnecessary process delays.

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What happens after the offers have been compared?

Upon selecting the options you are interested in, it’s time to contact the operator and start the negotiations. The important thing to remember is that none of the proposed services will exactly fulfil all your expectations. However, some factors are more important than others so this may leave the room for a compromise. It’s essential to anticipate long-term effects of cooperation with the operator, e.g. make sure that the initial terms of the contract won’t change over time. If you have a professional company to carry out the optimization for you, you’ll receive expect support and advice throughout the process and a detailed benchmark report on the received offers. Conveniently, you’ll also save a vast amount of time and involvement, and surely, experts won’t miss a detail. The team members of a specialized advisory company will also help you conclude the final contract, verify if the contract is compliant with the negotiated terms and assist you whenever you conclude contracts for other services.